St. Catherine’s N.S.
St. Catherine’s N.S.

Meeting Teachers

In St. Catherine's we value parental support and co-operation dearly and have put procedures in place to make sure communication with the school is easy and accessible:

You can:

Parent/ Teacher Meetings to discuss the progress of your child in St. Catherine's or to alert us to any concerns you may have are dealt with using the following procedures:

Parent/ Teacher Meetings are held in November each year where teachers hold a short meeting with all parents to give a brief overview of progress. At this meeting parents and teachers may raise an issue that requires additional time. In these cases a further follow on appointment is made.

Where a child is upset or anxious or a particular issue comes up unexpectedly of course we understand the need to inform teacher of this or to discuss it with her but we would ask that you ring the office to make an appointment and we will ensure that the class is supervised and that teacher and you get an opportunity to talk as quickly as possible.

We ask that parents do not pop in to have a word with teachers as school starts or ends as this is a critical time of the day and above all we must ensure the safety of the pupils by arranging adequate supervision at all times. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.